How to Get Your Real Estate Agent’s License

The job of a Real Estate Salesperson is unlike any other “sales job” in the world. It does not involve pressuring unsuspecting customers into an impulsive purchase. In this business, the customers are educated and versed in the very same subject in which they expect you to be an expert. So if you want to be successful… you better know your stuff!

In order to represent real estate buyers and sellers you need to get your Salesperson License. You can find the license requirements at your state’s Real Estate Commission. In Texas, the requirements are a little more strict than in most states.

The required education to get your Salesperson License in Texas:

1) Principles of Real Estate (60 classroom hours – core)
2) Law of Agency (30 classroom hours – core)
3) Law of Contracts (30 classroom hours – core)
4) An Additional Core Course of Your Choice (30 classroom hours – core)
5) Another four semester hours (60 classroom hours) in core courses OR in related courses acceptable to the commission. If you have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited university this requirement is satisfied.

If you count up all of the “classroom hours” it may seem like A LOT. However, these can be taken online and completed rather quickly. Some of the online schools include Kaplan Professional Schools, Champions School of Real Estate, Spencer Training and Testing Development, and many more. Just be sure that the education provider you choose is accepted by the commission, which you should find on the commission’s website. After you complete your education requirements you will have to pass the Licensing Exam. The exam is difficult for some because its geared to trick you. Why? Who knows… For most people the exam is easily passable after studying. Plus, there are a few reviews that can be purchased (usually for $100 or so) that have questions almost identical to the exam itself making it much easier to pass.

Once you pass the exam you are officially a Real Estate Agent, but not a Realtor. To become a Realtor you have to become a member of your local Board of Realtors, which costs you a membership fee. As you will quickly learn, all of the courses, quizzes, and exams you took never taught you HOW TO get your business on the roll. You will be required to hang your license with a licensed brokerage and they will either have a generic training program (that will teach you little) or someone experienced in the business will teach you what you need to know to get going. Its essential you understand that your success is COMPLETELY UP TO YOU in this business,